uTorrent v3.5.3 破解专业版增强版



2018-02-21 uTorrent v3.5.3 Build 44358
they found a critical vulnerability that allows attackers to execute malicious code, gain access to downloaded content, and peek at the history of downloads. The “hole” was found in the Windows version of the application and the uTorrent Web web client, which can be controlled via a browser.
As the researchers at the Google Project Zero team say, “bad” code can be embedded into the Windows startup folder when you visit an infected site and is executed the next time you start the computer. After that, attackers can access the downloaded files and view the download history.
According to Dave Rees, vice president of technologies for BitTorrent, the bug has already been fixed in the beta version of uTorrent ( You can download it from this link. Stable versions of torrent clients will update automatically within the next few days. Users of uTorrent Web are recommended to upgrade to version as soon as possible.

2017-12-24 uTorrent v3.5.1 Build 44332
– Remove Game Store(移除界面左侧Game Store推广项)
– Fix install crash (setting the quicklaunch shortcut was failing in some cases)
– Security fix: Suppress password prompt for hosted IEFrame windows
– Fix peer ID format — this was reporting incorrectly for some versions.

2017-11-24 uTorrent v3.5.0 Build 44294
– Fix a bug that could cause the “You’ve just been upgraded” page to display when the user has not updated
– Fix a crash
– Save Pro/Ad-free license key to “Documents” upon activation to allow for future re-activation

2017-09-22 uTorrent v3.5.0 Build 44090
– Append “torrent” to the search query (only for default provider)
– Fix crash introduced in 44010
– Fix a race (crash) upon receiving metadata

by A1exander1 (破解)、PortableApps.com (便携化)、zd423 (拆包整合)
# 去所有广告及升级为pro版区域,整合破解文件,启动即为无广告Pro专业版;
# 添加了诸多Torrent洪流Tracker服务器,制作BT种子后别人下载速度非常快!
# 禁止版本检测更新,屏蔽软件目录下生成update,屏蔽下载Apps应用推荐;
# 已设置好干净的配置文件,默认不开机启动,不关联文件,不自动安装更新;

uTorrent v3.5.3.44358 正式版破解专业增强版绿色便携版
uTorrent v2.2.1.25302 正式版完整简体中文绿色便携版本


uTorrent v3.5.3 Build 44358 Stable 官方版





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