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ApkPure.com,一个不用账户能直接免费下载Play商店里所有应用的网站,搜索应用名称或安装包名称,即可免费下载谷歌商店内应用及游戏。APKPure应用市场,它拥有Google Play市场内所有免费付费应用和游戏,无需科学上网在全球目前没被封锁屏蔽,应用更新的速度推送快,全部应用可以直接免费下载。当您遇到应用下架或线路问题时,还有对于没安装谷歌应用商店的人来说是个不错的选择,下载谷歌软件不求人!


2018-09-01 v2.13.3
– Fix some minor bugs.

2018-02-11 v2.7.3
– Add more “Featured” posts including popular app reviews and the latest comments.
– Optimize some pages layout.
– Fix some minor bugs.
– Fix Arabic text not rendering correctly error bug.
– Search by User Name function now available.
– Support for new @Mention Function on APKPure.
– Follow and Pre-register upcoming games under Pre-register list.
– Update Arabic, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Khmer language.
– Fix Cellular data not downloading bug on v2.7.2.

2017-12-27 v2.5.3
– Fix bugs that caused low downloading speed.
– Add Top Developers and Apps Ranking for Top Countries.
– Add Open Source Licenses under APKPure Settings.
– Find apps by searching Hot and Popular Tags on APKPure.
– Fix connection error bug when open app pages.
– Fix some minor bugs causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.

2017-12-08 v2.4.1
– Newly support uploading and sharing apk packages in APKPure v2.4.1
– Adding and editing your APKPure profile information.
– View all the Favorite (collections) list by other APKPurers.
– Delete individual search history results.
– APKPure supports the latest Android 8.0 O reo better.
– Fatal bugs fixed which caused battery drain problem on Android device.
– Fix APKPure App Bugs causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.
– Update Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese and Khmer language. Special thanks to Mohammad shaban Azzouz, رمزي السلامي, ប៉ុកណូ រ៉ូយ៉ាល់ and Igor Ferrare, etc.
– APKPure Account login error bug fixes.
– Internet Connection Error bug and some minor bug fixes.
– Improve download speed and stability.
Note: Please help APKPure to report download problems with required info
1. Internet connection environment.
2. Problem download resources.
3. Tried any faster download tools? If yes, tell us their names. Thanks!

2017-10-31 v2.3.1
– Tags can be added and edited to make game&apps be more discoverable by other APKPure users.
– View YouTube gameplay videos or app tutorial video clips in APKPure Mobile AppStore.
– Support viewing user’s Profile Picture in Full Screen Mode.
– Newly Support sharing Comments and every moments with friends and followers.
– Discussion groups support GIFs auto-playing.
– Add Data Saver Mode. Especially for users who have no wifi connections.
– Attribute label for each applications, whether contains Ads or in app-purchase items.
– Fix APKPure App Bugs causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.
– Minor bug fixes.

2017-09-29 v2.2.1
– Add Follow Users Function.
– Discussion group support sharing moments & activities, only you and your followers can see them.
– Optimize and beautify “App Detail” pages .
– Add quick view download path/locations function.
– Fix the bug of APKPure not detecting and installing xapk file in v2.1.1.
– Update Vietnamese and Hungarian language. Special thanks to Bùi Văn Xía, Zoltán Magyar and Salahattin Subak.
– Fix APKPure App bug causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.
– APKPure supports the latest Android 8.0 Oreo.


by Balatan
– Ads Removed;
– Analytics disabled;
– Sponsored banner layout removed;
– All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
– All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed;
– Native appwall + mopub ads banner layout removed;
– No auto shortcut install;






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