Pale Moon v28.0.1 苍月浏览器 官方版

知名火狐浏览器第三方编译版PaleMoon(苍月浏览器)是基于Mozilla Firefox浏览器编译优化而成,在国外非常热门,主要是为提升Firefox火狐浏览器速度而研发。它添加了多种firefox扩展,使其更美观,功能更多,也更适用于新手。它的优化提高了其速度和效率,特别是有关数学和逻辑运算环节,速度很占优势,三角函数计算快32%,MD5哈希测试快31%,使用Firefox的扩展、插件等附加组件资源,都可以使用。


v28.0.1 (2018-08-31)
This is a bugfix point release to address serious performance bottlenecks and general run-time issues (UI slowness, crashes, hangs) with the browser. Once again this impacted 32-bit operating systems more severely than 64-bit ones due to its more limited address space that would get flooded with bogus data.
* Backed out a Mozilla upstream patch causing issues with IPC and texture allocation for the compositor.
* Backed out a Mozilla upstream patch causing issues with Javascript memory buffer allocation.

v27.6.1 (2017-11-15)
This is a minor bugfix release to address some pressing issues people have reported.
* Fixed a regression with new windows (opening two windows from the command-line or file association, focus issues on new windows, not loading the home page in a new window, etc.)
* Aligned XHR with the currect spec to allow withCredentials.
* Fixed an input element focus issue within handlers.
* Fixed the processing of all-padding HTTP/2 frames to prevent rare HTTP/2 hangups.
* Updated CitiBank override to work around their login issues.
* Updated Netflix override to a community-supplied one that seems to satisfy their arbitrary restrictions better.

v27.6.0 (2017-11-07)
This is a major development update.
* Dropped support for Direct2D 1.0 to avoid font rendering issues. Windows installations not capable of using Direct2D 1.1 will now fall back to software rendering. As a result, fonts may look different from this version onwards if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Users on Windows 7 affected by this should install the Platform Update to re-enable Direct2D.
* Updated the Brotli decoder library, and enabled support for Brotli HTTP content-encoding by default.
* Added notifications to inform users about WebExtensions not being supported if they try to install them (as opposed to “extension is corrupt”)
* Added a number of DOM childNode convenience functions. This should fix some lazy-loading frameworks.
(enjoy your LOLcats again!)
* Changed automatic updates over to the new infrastructure.
* Added extra proxy settings in Options, covering DNS lookups through SOCKS v5 and automatic proxy authentication with known credentials.
* Added a selectable fallback character encoding of UTF-8 and fallback to UTF-8 as a last effort. (Issue #1423)
* Improved timing of canplay and canplaythrough firing to work around a potential race condition locking up queued video playback.
* Improved upmixing of mono sound for multi-channel setups.
* Fixed a parallelization issue with the KISS-FFT library causing CPU-deadlocked threads (Issue #1425)
* Fixed “Remove from history” function from the downloads panel.
* Forced focus on the address bar in new windows if the content is a blank/empty document.
* Fixed the dropmarker in the address bar to allow the suggestions to be closed with a click.
* Further cleaned up the status bar code.
* Disabled window.showModalDialog; it’s been removed from the spec 2 years ago and has potential abuse issues (modal dialogs block the UI)
* Fixed image decoder calls to make sure the image load event doesn’t fire prematurely.
* Updated LibPNG to 1.6.28, and enabled faster SSE2 decoding.
* Updated WOFF2 code from upstream.
* Updated the zlib compression library.
* Made general improvements to internal code structure and spec adherence.
* Fixed an issue with certain command-line parameters being used.
* Updated the default theme to improve consistency and contrast of toolbar and download buttons.
* Increased the default duration of notification pop-ups and made them configurable.
* Improved handling of audio-visual media (ongoing).
* Fixed an issue in CSS where elements would sometimes reflow to the next line even with sufficient visual space.
* Aligned the implementation of for(let x=y;;) loops with the final ES6 specification.
* Fixed the selection system inside of a nested contenteditable element being broken.
* Fixed Windows 10 detection for blocklisting graphics drivers.
* Enabled pasting of clipboard data in documents without an editor element to improve web compatibility.
* Fixed the uninstallation routine of restartless add-ons.
* Fixed the handling of unimplemented functions in the console API.
* Updated the Facebook user-agent to enable otherwise vendor-restricted functionality.
* Updated the SVG scaling cache limit to be more lenient for larger SVG images at a small performance trade-off, working around some sites’ design issues.

Security/privacy fixes:
* Added an option to clear Site Connectivity Data (delete history).
* Removed stale entries from the HSTS preload list, and improved generation/processing of it.
* Removed undesired certificate issuer organization to common name fallback (if issuer org is empty).
* Added pretty-printing for ECDSA-SHA224, 256, 384 and 512 hashed certificate signatures.
* Worked around some more issues with broken Apple fonts.

PaleMoon v28.0.1 Final 绿色版+安装版


PaleMoon 28.x 简体中文语言包

PaleMoon 26.5 for Atom/Windows XP

2、地址栏输入 about:config 搜索 general.useragent.locale 默认值改 zh-CN,重启。





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